Monday, March 9, 2015

UC Irvine Student: US Flag Banned to Avoid ‘Triggering’ Hurt Feelings Among Illegals & Student Cabinet Vetoes Flag Ban

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State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Orange County) was considering the introduction of a state constitutional amendment to prohibit “state-funded universities and college campuses from banning the United States flag.” (Takes a legal, Vietnamese immigrant, to set the illegal aliens straight.)

Students at the University of California Irvine (UCI) spoke to Breitbart News Sunday, sharing their shock and disappointment at recent legislation by six members of UCI’s Associated Students (ASUCI) to remove an American flag from their building’s lobby this past Thursday.

A student who spoke with Breitbart News on condition of anonymity that she heard a member of the ASUCI discussing “the [American] flag and how it triggered people.” She then said she believed a major line of reasoning behind the legislation to remove the flag could have been a “precautionary step” to prevent a trigger situation where if someone is an “illegal citizen or [they] have citizenship issues, it makes them feel bad.

“But me and my friends were like, ‘Dude, you’re in America. It’s the American flag,'” she added.

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  1. If there are any American students at UC Irvine I suggest they take turns carrying their personal American flag into the lobby of that shit hole school. I suggest they proceed with armed, locked and loaded color guards. No bag limit on commies.

  2. "it makes them feel bad."

    This is pathetic beyond words. Not only are we pussifying all our children and brainwashing them to believe that any type of strife, discord or discomfort in their life is "unfair" and should be avoided, (which makes them weak); we are catering to people WHO BROKE OUR LAWS TO BEGIN WITH BY BEING HERE ILLEGALLY, and are worried about hurting their feelings.

    I'm waiting for the floodgates to open up. Really. This can't go on.