Thursday, March 5, 2015

Political Correctness Will Be The Death Of Us Yet

Imagine for a moment that because of a seismic shift in the space-time continuum; our politicians ceased tugging their forelocks to the oligarchs who control their purse strings, and somehow came up with the wherewithal to ... grow a pair. 

Having decided to actually represent the interests of their constituents for a change (!), rather than just pay them lip-service, our Congress called upon a representative of European Americans United in order to testify before a committee and address certain specific and well-defined issues that directly affect our people. 

Imagine further that you were to turn on C-Span, and before your eyes would be a representative of EAU giving testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight. At a recent EAU Conference held on the West Coast in an undisclosed location, our own BOD member Frank Roman offered just such an address. If our Congress were to find a spine and allow him such an opportunity, this is what he would say on behalf of all European Americans.

As a member of the Board of Directors of European Americans United, I have the special honor of joining the efforts of our organization’s rank and file members in reaching out and informing our fellow European Americans with issues that are vitally important to us as a people. I do this for a very simple reason: our people are in an increasingly perilous situation. More and more of our lives and our posterity’s very existence are at risk as the White percentage of the population declines in the United States. While the blame for this phenomenon lies in the kind of strong, multi-layered domestic institutional ties that endure and evolve, even a cursory examination of world events will reveal that whites living in societies run by growing numbers of non-Whites are in physical danger. “From the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution to contemporary Africa, the lesson is the same: Loss of political power means murder and mayhem directed against Whites by minorities with deep historical grudges.”

Combating the ever growing demographic displacement of white Americans is a risky though not an impossible task. Unfortunately the law, the media, and academia encourages not forbids, the intermingling of all races. For European Americans however this trend is especially dangerous because of the statistically provable decline in our numbers. In August 2006 The BBC reported:


  1. There cannot be a Union until Feminism is destroyed. As long as it remains Europeans are split (mostly) down gender lines. It has been the Feminist faction of Europeans that have allied against the the other half with all the non-Europeans.

  2. The destruction of the White race is a type of advance planning. Why else would
    races whom do not fit into a White society be brought in. These other races hate
    Whites and are jealous of White accomplishments and leadership. Whites have
    been psychologically beat down. Liberal institutions like Hollywood instill these