Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Woman Calls For MASS GENOCIDE Of All White Police

Via Joe

One Georgia woman’s Facebook post has earned her some time in jail, after the FBI, Homeland Security, the District Attorney’s office were soon alerted to the woman calling for the “death to all white cops nationwide” on social media. 
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  1. This woman needs to be explaining this to a judge. Then she can sit in prison and study her constitutional freedoms.

  2. I find it amazing that progressives, communists, marxists, socialists, liberals, etc... all cite the USC when it fits their needs. Maybe we can send her a copy of the USC to read while she sits in jail.

  3. So she calls for the murder of WHITE cops! So who is the racist here? I am as big critic of LEOs as the next guy, who thinks that they are out control,BUT to call for their mmurder? No way, due process applies even to them.