Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Does Black Violence Matter?

Via Billy

I've watched black protests for months now (since Ferguson, Missouri erupted) with signs proclaiming that "Black Lives Matter." Those same protests popped up for the past week at protests in Baltimore in advance of the massive riots and unrest on Monday.

But what I've never seen is a single protest or sign proclaiming "Black Violence Matters."

Or does black-on-black murder not matter to black Americans? How about blacks looting and burning black businesses? Does that matter?

I heard ultra-liberal (and pathetically politically correct) CNN analyst Sally Kohn blame white America today. She wished white America would be half as outraged as outraged over “police violence” as they are over the riots.

Well I have a message for Sally Kohn:

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  1. Proportionally to the extent it can be exploited for ill gotten gains.