Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where are America's racists concentrated? Researchers ask Google

Via Billy

Racists in America.JPG

The South might still wear the stain of racism, but according to a new report, the Rust Belt and coal belt in the American Northeast appears to have become the most racist region of the country.

Researchers from the University of Maryland, Columbia University, Emory University and Harvard University have used Google searches including the N-word broken down by media markets to determine which areas of the country are most racist.

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  1. It ain't easy being racist,but I won't deny it, now blacks need to ask them selves why. I didn't get like this in a void

  2. What I'm saying is I may be racist but it's their fault and I want a government grant to investigate which activities are blacks participating in that causes me to feel this way

  3. Racism will keep you alive.

  4. I never use to be either. Never gave race a second thought. But I do now.
    Certain races have definitely become a threat to the nation.

    1. Yes and I imagine most country blacks feel the same.