Monday, May 18, 2015

Did Obama Quietly Announce his Intention to Abandon the Ukrainian Government?

Via Terry


 Can't think of another sensible thing Obama has done.

Inside of the Ukraine the cease fire that isn’t is soon going to lead to an international realization of a war which wasn’t ever stopped but paused to allow both sides to reinforce and resupply. Yet the United States media under orders from its masters in the State Department and Obama regime continue to refuse to report on violations of the Minsk Accords by both sides and worse, only remotely being to acknowledge that private sources from the U.S. have been supplying arms and mercenaries at the behest of the Kiev government.

After two months of relative calm in the eyes of Washington, D.C., suddenly Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty(RFE/RL) springs this shocking report (h/t

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