Monday, May 18, 2015

Southerners oppose Hillary Clinton’s presidency because they are poorly educated (No History, No Culture, No Past)


Charleston 1865

The title of this article is how the radical Muslim organization, ISIS, characterizes its callous destruction of Jewish, Christian, and other pre-Islamic religious statuary; places of worship, libraries, and other ancient cultural artifacts. There are even videos of ISIS slaughtering groups of civilians. As justification for these massacres and devastation, ISIS claims that its concept of the Muslim faith is the only true religion, so no other faith can be allowed to exist.

The phrase “No History, No Culture, No Past” brings to mind the Left’s criticisms of America’s past, especially the South’s past. This Liberal generation is so convinced that it is making things “better”, that it rarely exercises caution when trashing the past. It also seems to think that if existing technologies –engineering, electronics, medicine–can simply be replaced and updated, then sociocultural factors –group identity, family structure, religious doctrine –can also be simply replaced.


  1. "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip though your fingers..."

    The weakness of the left is that they see the world as being ordered from the top down-a command and control model. Our strength is that our sense of identity and history are an integral part of our culture--they don't need to be imposed from the top. That's why they can never destroy us--the most they can do is drive us underground, to emerge again later, when they least expect it, stronger than before. It's also why their puerile insults have no power over us. We know who we are, so their mindless sniping is just so much noise. They, on the other hand, have no identity except cliches and snark. Which is part of why they hate us; they are jealous of our confidence and our sense of connection to the past and to the future.

    1. That was most excellent, Sir. Thanks. Nailed.