Monday, May 18, 2015

Nine Dead In Waco Texas Biker Confrontation – “Twin Peaks” Bar Fight Explodes In Gunfire

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The police were on scene in anticipation of several biker gangs converging on a bar. As anticipated a fight broke out, escalated, and ended in a full shootout between rival gangs with police returning fire amid the chaos.  Raw aftermath video shows police standing between two rival gangs and trying to investigate the shootings.


Update 10:00pm CBS:

The brawl began in the bathroom with most likely a push, shove, or somebody looking at somebody wrong.  That quickly escalated into a fistfight, which turned into a knife fight, which immediately turned into a gun fight. Waco police tell CBS the fight poured from the bathroom into the parking lot. Officers moved in to contain the brouhaha.  Bikers fired at officers; officers returned fire. (link)

Update 7:00pm: Second Police Presser

More with pictures and videos @ The Last Refuge


  1. Don't believe everything you hear in the press.

    SWAT teams were there before anything happened. Who do you think started shooting first?

  2. Turf war between Cossacks and Banditos. Banditos are moving into Texas and trying to push Cossacks out.

    1. Banditos been in Texas since forever. Back in the '80s there was white guys in it. Don't know about now. Been out of the life awhile.

  3. Boys will be boys! lol! Seriously, no Nikes got stolen. No cop cars got burned. No businesses looted & torched. No bystanders injured.