Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bilderberg 63rd Conference agenda: 'U.S. elections and artificial intelligence'

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The 63rd annual conference of the very secretive Bilderberg group is set for Telfs-Buchen, Austria, beginning June 11, and among this year’s topics of planned discussion: U.S. elections and artificial intelligence.

Few in the media have reported on the looming four-day affair, and what’s released by the group itself is barebones. The Independent, for instance, reported the meeting of the world’s elites will take place this year at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, located in the middle of the Austrian Alps. And security, as always, will be tight.

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  1. Just a secret society is what Bilderberg amounts to. NWO proponents thinking
    they can decide for the rest of us. Gangsters in high places. Supposedly,
    Bilderberg claims people with “diverse” views are invited, there can be no question that such “diversity” does not include proponents of national independence and sovereignty.
    I just soon a giant lighting bolt strike them. Funny, Putin is never invited.

    1. giant lighting bolt strike them.

      That would work. :)