Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Entire World Headed to U.S.: Ann Coulter Denounced for Noticing

Via David

Of all the people I know in the world of political commentary, Ann Coulter is the most un-ransomable captive to truth, in-depth-study of facts, consequences and her Daughters of The Revolution passion for America.

The other week, I traveled to Miami with Ann for her debate with Jorge Ramos, of Univision TV, over her new book, "Adios America." She'd crawled out of her sickbed to keep that date.  I know, because I was the pal who for days dashed back and forth with the raw ginger, mango juice, Alka-Seltzer Plus/Nightime, cases of water, various lozenges and prescriptions from CVS.  It was imperative that she be well for what she considered an important interview.  And, whew, she made it!

Although still ill, Ann came with a fully loaded quiver and Jorge was no match for her.  I was disappointed, for I'd expected a sparkling event but this reporter came to the test without his homework. He began the interview by challenging her numbers. 

Anyone with the slightest exposure to Ann knows never to do that


  1. Coulter writes for money and popularity. She did not address who is really
    behind the illegal immigration problem. Corporations want the boarder to
    remain opened for cheap labor. Nothing will change.

    1. Corporations want the boarder to remain opened for cheap labor.

      & they ample money to bribe.