Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Black pastor threatens ISIS style terrorism against “people who allow racism”

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Rev. Ronald Wright is a black pastor and the leader of a group called “Justice Seekers of Texas.” He just threatened “ISIS” style terrorist attacks in McKinley on national television.

“Were setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country. The group is not goin’ be ISIS, it’s going to be uses. Us against these injustice law officers and people who continue to allow racism to go into this city.” – Rev. Ronald Wright

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  1. All one has to do is seek what kind of "social justice" is practiced in South Africa today to see what kind of social justice Mr Wright is willing to condone. I refuse to call him Rev. since no Rev that I know of would advocate the breaking of any of God's Commandments. But he has done us all a favor; he is now a known factor. We know who and what he is and can plan accordingly.

    1. Precisely, he should learn the definition of a Useful Idiot.

    2. He should also be very worried that his brakes will fail, his food poisoned, or just a stray, 500 yard, misfire.