Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

Via Skynet

I'm a professor at a midsize state school. I have been teaching college classes for nine years now. I have won (minor) teaching awards, studied pedagogy extensively, and almost always score highly on my student evaluations. I am not a world-class teacher by any means, but I am conscientious; I attempt to put teaching ahead of research, and I take a healthy emotional stake in the well-being and growth of my students.

Things have changed since I started teaching. The vibe is different. I wish there were a less blunt way to put this, but my students sometimes scare me — particularly the liberal ones.

Not, like, in a person-by-person sense, but students in general. The student-teacher dynamic has been reenvisioned along a line that's simultaneously consumerist and hyper-protective, giving each and every student the ability to claim Grievous Harm in nearly any circumstance, after any affront, and a teacher's formal ability to respond to these claims is limited at best.

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  1. The American college students are being transformed into something akin to Mao's Red Guards. Oh wait the are Maoists. Humorless indoctrinated robots. Jerry Seinfeld's recent comments as to why he does not do campus engagements anymore is right to point. "They don't know what the f--k they are talking about." These college professors crested these monsters and just as in Mary Shelley's tale the creators are the first victims of monster.

    1. the creators are the first victims of monster.

      Please eat them all up. :)

  2. To that prof all I can say is; Karma meet Bitch!