Friday, June 12, 2015

Obama-backed trade bill fails in the House 302 to 126!

Via Billy

President Obama suffered a major defeat to his Pacific Rim free trade initiative Friday as House Democrats helped derail a key presidential priority despite his last-minute, personal plea on Capitol Hill.

The House voted 302 to 126 to sink a measure to grant financial aid to displaced workers, fracturing hopes at the White House that Congress would grant Obama fast-track trade authority to complete an accord with 11 other Pacific Rim nations.


  1. And since when has congress ever gotten in the way of what the dark lord's evil minions want. That's what executive orders are for.
    sarc off

    1. Lets hope not or come to think of it, maybe it's better he keeps using them and the publix might wake up.

  2. None of this type of legislation ever benefits the regular Joe. It only benefits corporations. Corporations should be brought under control to what we say it can have.
    Corps are an octopus on America and have no allegiance to anything but themselves.
    It's getting to look more like "1984"
    Wikileaks says it has obtained more text from the TransPacific Partnership treaty that is so secret that it will only be released four years after it becomes law. [Some governments that are party to the treaty have not yet received the text, but hundreds of large corporations have access to it and have formed lobbies to support their interests. A portion of the text is dedicated to healthcare and, according to an analyst, "is clearly intended to cater to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry".] Breitbart 2015 Jun 10
    Emails released under a Freedom of Information Act request provide a clear peek behind the secrecy surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal now being pushed by Obama. [The emails show how one chemical company CEO, Jim DeLisi of Fanwood Chemical, was so pleased with the rules being set by the TPP trade deal that he joked about making a “royalty payment” to U.S. government officials. Then he said “these rules are our rules.” The emails reveal a close-knit relationship between negotiators and industry insiders.] Prison Planet posted 2015 Jun 5 (Cached

    Brock, did you read or hear about NC wanting to place a special tax on taking your
    dog to the vet and taking your car in for repairs? I guess they are having a hard
    time paying for the illegals and refugees.

  3. Shot down, unbelievable....something happened that makes sense....

  4. Wow, Pelosi did something right? Maybe the apocalypse is coming soon.