Friday, June 12, 2015

The Appalachian Messenger June 12, 2015 
Spend  enough  time  contemplating  the  lunacy  that  pervades  society and  you  find  that  physical  reality  offers  blessed  relief.  Release  a ball and it drops because of the earth’s  mass and consequently, its gravity. It works every time, not subject to anyone’s whim. Gravity, time, space, light, energy, and other phenomena can be defined and explained.

As  science  progresses,  definitions  and  explanations change  as  scientists search  for the logic that  most closely correspond to reality. Many of  humanity’s affairs, on the other hand, defy logic and deny reality.

One  innovation  combines  the  unfortunate  propensities  to  defy  and  deny with the mathematical certainty of Boyle’s law and the mechanical precision  of  a  dropping  guillotine  blade:  debt.

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