Saturday, June 27, 2015

Standing For Biblical Marriage- Righteous Resistance

Via Cousin John

Pastors want to be able to take a legal stand against government forced marriage, they must do these things!

1. Stop signing ANY marriage license, even at the State Level.
Do you believe that Marriage is a covenant between an man, woman, and God? Then you have to act like it. Refusing to marry by any government sanction is the ONLY way you will defeat this mandate in court.

2. Relinquish your 501c3 status IMMEDIATELY. You don't need the IRS's approval to be tax exempt. That comes from the Constitution. Who is your provider anyway? Remember, you can't serve two masters!

3. Start teaching your congregation to be God dependent instead of government dependent. Teach your congregation to stop marrying by license for government benefits. Teach your congregation to stop tithing for government benefits. Remember: seek ye first the Kingdom of God...NOT government benefits.

4. Live by faith. Speak TRUTH. Stop being a slave to government and man. Learn to obey God NOT men. Acts 5:29



  2. Do you know how hard it is to find a church that IS NOT a 501c3 church? Not around here, they like licking at the government teat. I log on and watch Pastor Chuck Baldwin's service on the internet from Montana...

  3. We'll see what happens.... so many "Christians" get Romans chapter 13 all screwed up, and believe that they (as Christians) must do what ever the govt tells them to do, and God will take care of it. WRONG! If the laws are evil (directly contradict) God's law, and the people who pass those laws, are as evil as the laws they have written, and passed in their cities, states, and nationally. Only speaking for myself, the journey has been a long one in the changing of my mindset about what God has really said when it comes to obeying man's law, when it is clearly against God's teaching. Can we end up being arrested, convicted, and thrown in jail? Yup, but bending a knee to God, is the only time I'll be in that position. I think it's time that the goons (local, state, and fed) know that. The time is coming, very soon I think, and it''ll be put up, or shut up. Yeah, it'll probably be messy. (It is appointed unto a man to die once, and then go before his Creator).

  4. When we got married, we did not obtain a state issued marriage license.

    We have a Covenant Marriage.

    All a state issued license does, is that it legitimizes the ownership of the state over you, your marriage, and your offspring.


    1. Thanks and I believe they misjudged the reprisal.

  5. Why is IN-dependent not an option?

    David Martin

    1. I imagine that it is if someone's their own man.

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    1. Thanks and she will speak at our Fall PATCON if you can make it.