Tuesday, July 28, 2015

GRNC Alert 7-28-15 Pro-Gun HB562 Sails Through Senate!

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With surprisingly little opposition, HB562 "Amend Firearm Laws" sailed through the second Senate reading last night without modification. Demonstrating the Senate's desire to move the legislation, the third reading was suspended and the final vote was 40-9.

Support of Senators Apodaca, Berger, Tarte and Tillman were critical to passage of HB562, and they deserve thanks. 

Of course the real force behind this victory was GRNC supporters like YOU who kept the pressure on politicians to improve gun rights in our state. 

Although watered-down by the House, HB562 still retains important pro-2A provisions, notably including: strengthening state preemption over municipal firearms ordinances; improving the application process for concealed handgun permits; clarifying exemption of vehicle storage of handguns by permitees on educational property; improving shooting range protection; reducing penalties for carry on posted property and; allowing hunting with short barreled rifles.

This important bill now moves to the Governor's office for McCrory's signature.

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