Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trading Doomsday, by ol' Remus

Via Terry

9-11, Boston and other mass murders say government can't defend us. 
By declining to inconvenience the criminal mobs which assaulted Ferguson and Baltimore, government showed they won't defend us. The attacks on military installations show government won't defend itself. The authorities have revealed themselves for what they are, gutless and spineless, promising what they can't, or won't, deliver and bullying the blameless for their failure. This is full-on "banana republic". The people have taken notice. Lesson learned. We'll rely on ourselves.
It's no mere coincidence gun sales routinely set new records, nearly doubling between 2010 - 2013 alone.


  1. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3176619/Black-child-s-birthday-party-interrupted-white-men-Confederate-flags-allegedly-said-kill-y-n-s-driving-fleet-pickup-trucks.html

    Terrifying moment a black child's birthday party was interrupted by 'armed' white men carrying Confederate flags 'shouting n-word death threats'

    Far be it for me to show
    any support and love, for those
    who do violence based on
    ethnicity, religion or skin color.
    However, there are some easily
    noticeable holes in the allegations
    of violence directed at the children's
    Most telling are comments by Melissa Alford
    who recorded the video and claims
    she lives at the house where this occurred, versus
    what is being said by those supposedly
    being threatened: 'I'm too scared to go to sleep because these
    guys still have the gun in their possessions.'
    'I just want these people to stop terrorizing people.'
    'I don't mind them riding with their flags but I don't want
    them going around threaten people in their yard like they did mine
    or harassing folks either.'
    The video also reveals that local police
    are present during the 'terrifying moment a black child's
    birthday party was interrupted by 'armed' white men carrying
    Confederate flags 'shouting n-word death threats.'

    1. If they did that, their IQ must be below 80, but I'd want to wait and see if there is additional evidence, as I couldn't make out the audio on the video.

      They said that officers received 'conflicting statements' about what happened at the birthday party and arrested one of the truck passengers on an unrelated charge, according to the Atlanta Constitution Journal.

    2. The audio makes it certain
      that the adults at the party
      were not the helpless and fearful
      innocents they claimed to be.
      What I was able to clearly make
      out was threats and taunts from
      their side, which was likely directed
      at the rolling flag convoy.
      The article mentions that is what
      was in progress with a police escort
      prior to driving past where the party
      was occurring.

    3. It made no sense to me that they went to a child's birthday party. I saw one of the drivers wave at them as they passed and maybe the green area the trucks were photographed in was the area they had planned on meeting for whatever. Thanks.