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The Clay Compromise Measures

by John C. Calhoun

March 4, 1850

This is among John C. Calhoun's most famous speeches. He was too ill to deliver it himself, so it was read by another senator with Calhoun present in the Senate Chamber. Calhoun, so ill he had to be helped out of the Chamber after the speech by two of his friends, died on March 31, 1850.
I have, senators, believed from the first that the agitation of the subject of slavery would, if not prevented by some timely and effective measure, end in disunion. Entertaining this opinion, I have, on all proper occasions, endeavored to call the attention of both the two great parties which divided the country to adopt some measure to prevent so great a disaster, but without success. The agitation has been permitted to proceed with almost no attempt to resist it, until it has reached a point when it can no longer be disguised or denied that the Union is in danger. You have thus had forced upon you the greatest and gravest question that can ever come under your consideration: How can the Union be preserved?


  1. compromising with the left is also equal to "selling out" and becoming a traitor.

  2. Now at this moment in our history the question ought to be: Preserve the Union? Why? The polarization and fragmentation is so complete that I do not see how the common/pop culture can hold this society together. I also believe this is being done by design with the full intent of totally destroying this country. The illegals from south of the border will strive to make where ever they are a "little Mexico". The Muslims will never assimilate, but will bid their time till the demographics shift the numbers in their favor and then demand that others live under their law. I don't know if the blacks living in the inner cities can ever change their welfare entitlement culture. If there is any group that is hard core racist, it is the Blacks. Whites in this country have been so poisoned by liberalism that in general they/we are dying out and do NOT have the courage to defend the culture, civilization and their various ethnic backgrounds. In short the American empire is falling before our eyes the same way Rome did and in our life time.

    1. Excellent and posted.