Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?

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A week before The EPA disastrously leaked millions of gallons of toxic waste into The Animas River in Colorado, this letter to the editor was published in The Silverton Standard & The Miner local newspaper, authored by a retired geologist detailing verbatim, how EPA would foul the Animas River on purpose in order to secure superfund money...
"But make no mistake, within seven days, all of the 500gpm flow will return to Cememnt Creek. Contamination may actually increase... The "grand experiment" in my opinion will fail.

And guess what [EPA's] Mr. Hestmark will say then?

Gee, "Plan A" didn't work so I guess we will have to build a treat¬ment plant at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million to $500 million (who knows).

Reading between the lines, I believe that has been the EPA's plan all along"
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  1. As a bonus, residents will likely have their property condemned and they will have to move to nearby city - agenda 21

    And economic activity dependent upon tourism and wildlife will be dead as the wildlife-- cliward piven.

  2. I read where one man noticed his well water turning orange. This river also supplies
    the water for Organic farmers. Needless to say these farmers will not qualify as
    'Organic'. They, the scum, have been attacking Organic ever since they over-threw
    the Organic industry. And, yes, I think this was deliberate. The Indian's plan on
    suing for the destruction of their precious resources. Go get em'.

  3. The EPA are trying to get the Indians to sign-off on a one-time pay off for clean-up.
    It continues, screw the Indians:

    1. Thanks.