Tuesday, August 4, 2015

'Largest Confederate funeral in a century' says goodbye to a Southern black man

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Himself a US Army veteran, Hervey earned his degree from the University of Mississippi after his hitch in the service. It was then that he traveled to Great Britain where he enrolled at the University of London, where he eventually earned his Masters degree. While matriculating in England, Hervey also served as an intern in the British Parliament.

The Deep South doesn't get much deeper than Oxford, Mississippi. The same town that's home to the Ole Miss Rebels and the university's former mascot Colonel Reb, just held the largest Confederate funeral and procession the city has seen for over the last 100 years.
As reported by WTVA (of Tupelo, Miss.) and The Local Voice newspaper (of Oxford, Miss), both on Aug. 3, 2015, Anthony Hervey was laid to rest yesterday in what has been described as the largest Confederate funeral and procession seen in Oxford, Mississippi for at least the last century. Known in the press as a "black Confederate," Hervey was an unabashed and unapologetic supporter of everything Confederate States of America, to include the iconic Confederate battle flag.

Hundreds of blacks and whites joined together at Oxford's historic First Baptist Church to bid farewell to the political activist and best selling author. As The Local Voice noted, at the main doors to the church, family and friends first saw "H.K. Edgarton welcoming funeral attendees with an open heart. Another black Southern man with a passion for the Confederate flag."

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  1. May he RIP and he will be missed. I hope they find the assholes that ran him
    off the road. Retribution.

    1. Vengeance is mine and whoever else feels so inclined. :)