Monday, August 10, 2015

NC: Mecklenburg County plans to protect vandalized Confederate monument

Via Robert  "Please note one county commissioner making a good-for-the-goose analogy that if CSA memorials are vandalized, so too can MLK memorials.  That's commissioner Bill James, who has a history of making politically incorrect statements.  You might almost think in this case that he's *suggesting* that MLK memorials be vandalized. 

 A Confederate monument in Charlotte was vandalized for the second time in three weeks. The Confederate monument on North Kings Drive, between the Grady Cole Center and Memorial Stadium, was spray painted on both sides.

After paying twice to clean a Confederate monument defaced near Central Piedmont Community College, Mecklenburg County plans to find ways to safeguard the historic pillar against future vandalism.

While there are no concrete plans in the works just yet, a county spokesman said Friday that one idea includes installing security cameras overlooking the granite marker, which sits perched on a hill under a tree at the Grady Cole Center on North Kings Drive.

“The cost of putting in a video surveillance system is less than cleaning it,” said county commissioner Bill James, a history enthusiast. “If people allow Confederate monuments to be vandalized, it will give a license to people to vandalize MLK monuments or monuments of pretty much anybody anyplace. … You have to find a way to protect the monuments that exist.”

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  1. How is a security camera going to STOP someone from defacing it?

    It just means the vandalism will be recorded. Duh.

    Obviously they should bury a few landmines around the base.

    1. Claymores at the ready, Sir! :) (& no BATF/FBI I don't really have any)