Saturday, September 26, 2015

After the Balls

Via David "There are multiple examples in this essay about the parallels to prior civilizations that also collapsed from low birth rates, moral decadence, etc."

 Mark on his last appearance in Copenhagen, surrounded by his security detail

Greetings from Copenhagen, where I'll be speaking at the Danish Parliament tomorrow, Saturday, on the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoons. If you're one of the untold millions of "Syrian" "refugees" currently vacationing in Northern Europe, do swing by and say hi.

~Back in the US, I see my old boss from National Review, Rich Lowry, has also been sharpening his scimitar, although aiming it somewhat lower than the head-hackers. The other night he asserted re Trump on Fox News that "Carly [Fiorina] cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon". Reader Maggie Menzies writes from beautiful British Columbia to comment:
I bet your pal Jason Steorts won't like this.
Indeed. Jason Lee Steorts is Rich Lowry's Number Two and something of a delicate flower who tut-tutted over what proved to be my final column that "I found the derogatory language... both puerile in its own right and disappointing coming from a writer of such talent." So I wonder if he will be, any day now, deploring Rich's inaugural balls.

I was not hitherto aware that what Lowry looks for in a presidential candidate is a ruthless emasculator. Say what you like about the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but at least, when he ventures into this territory, he offers to do it himself.

If I understand Rich correctly, at the first debate Carly Fiorina was excluded - like Cinderella, unable to go to the ball. At the second debate, Cinderella seized her moment and went for the balls.

But the problem with the Lowry statement is that it's not true.

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