Saturday, September 26, 2015

One of Europe's largest mosques on fire, 70 firefighters battling blaze

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I'm heartbroken.........................

The Baitul Futuh Mosque in London has caught fire. Half of its ground floor and first floor are in flames. Seventy firefighters and 10 fire engines are reported to be tackling the blaze.
A fire has broken out at the mosque located in London Road in Morden, in the south of the British capital, a London Fire Brigade (LFB) spokesman said on Saturday, according to local media.

More with videos and pictures @ RT


  1. Ain't it great what a book of matches and the Lord can do.

  2. Keep track of how often this happens - I wager we'll be hearing about more and more of them.
    And it appears that someone didn't do their job appropriately...if it WASN'T an accident, I mean.
    "What we understand at the moment is that the mosque itself where the prayers take place at the back of the site is safe and untouched by fire."

  3. To extinguish the fire you must starve it. A sufficiently large air-fuel bomb detonated within the structure will consume all available oxygen and end the conflagration.

  4. Maybe we could pump more oxygen in.......

  5. I was thinking of hooking up the fire engines to a gas tanker myself...