Saturday, September 26, 2015

Video: U.S. Muslims Say Sharia Law Should Supersede The Constitution… Ben Carson vindicated.

Via David "In fairness, I think this is the REAL QUESTION: Not "Are you a Muslim?" but "What role do you see Sharia law playing in America?"

As an aside, at an "interfaith" day at our Shul, we had a Christian preacher (of some flavor), and a local Imam.  My wife - a MUSLIM - was quite put back by the two women accompanying the latter, saying "How horrible!" to the head scarves and robes the women were wearing.  But something tickled me during the Q&A session, which I didn't really realize fully until later.  That Imam dropped something to the effect that it was "secular law" that was the real problem in America.

It didn't truly dawn on me until later that what he was (possibly) saying was that he wanted to see "religious law" - i.e., Sharia - instead."

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