Thursday, September 10, 2015

NC: Enemy Among Us

Via Cousin Colby

German POWs at Moss Planing Mill, Washington, NC

Traveling through the fertile farmland of eastern North Carolina during the summer of 1944, Joseph Buchen's thoughts drifted to an earlier time in Germany and the family left behind after being drafted into Hitler's army. He wondered how they were coping now that the Allies had begun massive bombing of his homeland. But why, you might ask, was a German soldier at the height of World War II traveling through eastern North Carolina?

The answer might surprise you, but Joseph was amoung a dozen or so German prisoners of war on their way to the waterfront of Washington, N.C. to perform a day's work at the Moss Planing Mill.

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  1. One of them, Alfred Buchner, became a despised Iowa State Trooper. Prick acted like he was gestapo.

  2. The enemy within was the US, GB, Russia, France. Germany could have destroyed
    the US one on one, GB one on one, France one on one and Russia one on one.
    They all ganged up like a horde of blacks on a single white.