Friday, September 25, 2015

Ol' Remus's notebook for 25 September 2015

Via Terry


About movies - Personally, I think the worst thing is giving the audience what they want to see, because in a way it’s almost disrespectful. These people are here to give you their precious time. You should really take them on an odyssey, and the best way to do that is to give them what they don’t expect.
Nicolas Refn at
art-link-symbol-small-on-blue-tile-rev01.jpg A group of students and faculty members at Wesleyan University are petitioning to defund the Connecticut campus’s newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus, because “it neglects to provide a safe space for the voices of students of color” ... The controversy was apparently sparked by an opinion article in the Argus last week that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting that it may have sparked violence toward police officers.

art-link-symbol-small-on-blue-tile-rev01.jpg Orban mobilizes Hungary's troops, prisoners, jobless to fence out migrants - Hungary took matters into its own hands, shutting off the route with a new fence along its entire 110 mile border with Serbia, topped with razor wire and guarded by helmeted riot police... The government says it put the military in charge of the construction so that it could act more quickly.

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