Friday, September 25, 2015

$PLC fires broadside against pro-family event

Via Billy

A “Values Voter Summit,” a time for the nation’s leading conservative voices to gather and discuss issues and events important to their constituencies, apparently is too much for the Southern Poverty Law Center to tolerate.

The fringe progressive organization, which previously was linked in a Washington federal courtroom to a case of domestic terror and at one point slammed GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson with a “hate” label, has launched a broadside against the events scheduled Friday through Sunday.

Posted online and dispatched into the digital world was a pages-long diatribe against the summit, several of its key speakers and the groups participating. They, according to a fired-up SPLC, are not only “anti-LGBT” but also “anti-Muslim.”

So how is the Family Research Council, the organizer of the events, responding?

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  1. Voter Value Summit sounds like the American way of life based on the values
    America was founded upon.. Who can have a problem with that unless your a
    communist agitator. Any American who has a problem with this group is being
    blackmailed like President Wilson was to bow down to communist demands.