Friday, September 25, 2015

Paul Joseph Watson on the Pope

Via comment by Quartermain on It Was All Staged=> Anchor Baby Sophie Cruz Rushes...



  1. Geez, Paul, tell us how you really feel !
    Love the clarity. Love the suppressed rage seething out. Love the final sentiment to wrap it all up.
    Francis is here to destroy the Church, nothing more nothing less. The last Pope, indeed. Just as our Govt. is making our country unfit to live in, Francis thinks he can make the Church an unfit place to worship - he actively discouraged people from becoming Catholics before he was named pope.
    Francis is a Jesuit commie betrayer of all that is good and holy. Thank goodness there is some opposition building visibly.
    In the end, my money is on the Christians, the fearless ones, that is.

  2. Behold the Harlot, riding on the Beast. Babylon the Great!

  3. If you hve any doubts about What Sioux says above ... check this out !

  4. Child’s Rush to Pope STAGED!