Thursday, September 3, 2015

Police say Millis officer's story of gunman was 'fabricated'

Via Iver

An officer's story of a gunman shooting at him, causing him to crash before his cruiser caught fire was "fabricated," according to police.

Mass. State Police responded to Millis after shots were reportedly fired at a cruiser Wednesday. State police were on scene after an officer told police his cruiser was struck just before 3 p.m. State police responded along with their Air Wing, detectives and ballistic units.

SkyFOX flew over the scene on Forest Road where an officer said he was checking on a disabled vehicle when he was shot at 3 times. The officer said he fired back, then crashed when he attempted to follow the vehicle. Then, he told police, his cruiser caught fire.

More with video @ My Fox


  1. Sounds like he would fit in at the Dekalb county police department.

  2. Placed himself on the same level as the thugs. Disappointing.