Sunday, September 27, 2015

THOUSANDS Turn Out for Polish March Against Mass Invasion

Via Billy

protest poland immigration

The protesters turned out in several cities across Poland in including Warsaw.

Of course, the media says the protesters are “far right” because only “far right” protesters would rally against an invasion of migrants.

Euro News reported:

Abundant malarkey @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Patriotism is the only thing which will save the invaded countries. Allow yourself not to be swayed as the propaganda is just another communist tool. The same tool was used in WWII by the Red's who infested Washington. I wonder what Benjamin Friedman
    would have to say about this unprovoked invasion. More to this then meets the eye.
    It has been said Turkey is sending a bunch of muzzies to Europe.

  2. A new European Renaissance requires the death of everything American, including America itself. ---Edwin
    Interesting quote but as far as I am concerned America is already dead and it's
    killing everything around it.