Thursday, September 10, 2015

U.S.-NATO military interventions caused Europe’s migrant disaster

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The leaders and bureaucrats of the European Union (EU) are fortunate that they have largely disarmed the citizens of EU member states. If the citizens of Europe had personal weapons, all officials at all levels of the increasingly authoritarian EU organization might well be under fire — and rightly so – for causing the horde of unwanted, unneeded, and non-assimilable migrants that is now inundating Europe.

The migrants will produce further lawlessness, a debilitating level of societal tensions, enormous increases in the expense of social services and public housing, and contribute nothing worth having to the nations of the EU. The migrants also will wreck the status quo in EU security as the many hundreds of thousands of incomers are mixed with a goodly number ISIS and al-Qaeda organizers, recruiters, fighters, and suicide attackers who will make the job of EU security and intelligence services even more undoable.

Indeed, the only upside of the migrant flood is that elected and appointed EU officials will feel proud of themselves for spending the money of the EU’s wildly overtaxed citizens for a “humanitarian purpose” that, to anyone with commonsense, clearly carries the seeds of terrorism, the end of the EU, fascism, and civil war.


  1. I wonder when the terrorist attacks will begin inside the EU? This weekend?
    Idiots, everyone of them!

  2. After watching the Syrian Girl vid, I think it's too bad that the refugees couldn't throw in with the over taxed oppressed citizens of the EU, and take the EU apart back to where it was before.

    Oh shoot, that's just a pipe dream.