Monday, January 25, 2016

15 Year-Old Migrant Stabs Swedish Refugee Center Worker to Death

Via sauced07

 Police at the asylum centre in Molndal. Sweden, 25 January
A young asylum seeker on Monday allegedly stabbed to death an employee at a refugee centre in Sweden as police demanded more resources to stem rising violence linked to the migrant crisis.
He did not give details about the suspect’s age or nationality but said he had been arrested for murder. Swedish news agency TT said he was 15 years old.
The victim was a 22-year-old woman, and the motive was not immediately clear.
“These kinds of calls are becoming more and more common. We’re dealing with more incidents like these since the arrival of so many more refugees from abroad,” said Fuxborg as Sweden struggles with a record influx of migrants and asylum seekers.
Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was to visit the area later on Monday.


  1. I realize it is perplexing for many, but calling these savages "refugees" is akin to calling a rattlesnake a "pet-snake". Obviously, this is a huge campaign of disinformation. In actuality, these goathumpers should be called "invaders" or occupying forces. I hope Europa shows some "sack" soon or else white/western/Christian culture is going to be bred out of existence.

    1. calling these savages "refugees" is akin to calling a rattlesnake a "pet-snake".


  2. Aesop's fable of the farmer and the viper all over again.