Monday, January 25, 2016

Identity Movement: Future for Europe



  1. Do those youth have a website? Something where we can communicate with them and give them encouragement? They are gonna need it.

    1. A youth is forming to recapture their identity! #ZukunftEuropa

      A generation, a fate one last chance!

      This is not just a motto, but daily incentive of a movement that sees itself as a living covenant and as a community of fate! We are a movement of young people who resists the left liberal indoctrination!

      We can no longer remain silent! We see how the values ​​and cultural decline progresses, as our home and our traditions are increasingly destroyed and how the freedom of political correctness gives way.

      We are united by fate to be the last generation that can turn things around again! What unites us is the self-knowledge to be the phalanx, which it needs to take action against the self-destructive, prevailing multicultural ideology that drives the mass immigration and Islamization, and thus the ultimate disappearance of thousands of years old family of nations and cultural tradition called Europe.

      We stand together in our quest to protect our homeland, the restoration of freedom and sovereignty of our country and fight for the preservation of our ethno cultural identity!

      But with idealism alone this fight is not to lead! Courage, dedication and sacrifice will not suffice to stand up as a young person against the predominant players in the debt pride and multicultural madness for a livable Germany. We need your support!

      You become eV or support us with your donation Member or Sponsor Member of the identitarian movement Germany! For home, freedom and tradition! For our country and our future!

      Identitarian movement Germany e.V.


      IBAN: DE98476501301110068317
      Sparkasse Paderborn Detmold

      A supporting member

      http: // ...



  2. It's starting to take on the appearance of a Holy War.

    These are the kind of people who don't start out all hot-headed. When stirred up to the point of having a fierce resolve, they can be the most ruthless opponents one will ever face.

    The warning bells ought to be busting the eardrums of the invaders, and their enablers in the governments of Europe.

    Well, it's been nice while the quiet's lasted.

    Central Alabamaian

  3. The Germans have always been a militaristic folk. BUT...they have now all been brainwashed to the PC and diversity agenda. I am a first generation American from German parents. They would not have stood for this garbage when they were young. But, having said that, they were brainwashed in reverse to go after the Jews at that time. Political leaders set the tone for a nation. That is what has happened to America, too. As long as Merkel is allowed to rule, there will be no change; same for here. Revolution seems to have been "educated" out of the West.

    1. Can't believe they haven't physically thrown her out.

  4. HA!

    Central Alabamaian

    1. :) Thanks.

  5. I hope and believe the plan the elites had to destroy Western Civilization, they may have miscalculated. Their plan was with a massive influx of Muslims, Europe would collapse. Instead their plan may have exactly the opposite effect. Just maybe, it will bring Europe from the dead and be a deathblow to political correctness also destroying Europe.