Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Are you ever going to actually stand up to anything at any time?"

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My comment yesterday on FNC RANCHER EXPOSES OBAMA'S FEDERAL PLAN TO DESTROY AM..."After listening to their press conference, I have much respect for the protesters as they are articulate and have obviously given much thought to their actions. The people on our side who are slandering/libeling them are doing a great disservice. 


I have been observing events with the Hammond case and the occupation of the wildlife complex in Malheur. I wasn’t going to comment, but due to what I have seen on the internet from persons/organizations that are considered authoritative online commentators, and the general wailing and gnashing of teeth, I am drawn to comment. What I am going to say goes against the grain of what appears to the established GroupThink that has grown up as a response to this situation. I am going to make a number of points that originate from my thoughts on this matter. I don’t necessarily have a strong opinion about the events at Malheur, I don’t know any of the people there, and I have no inside knowledge. I am simply an observer.

– I see a huge amount of negative commentary from the online Patriot community, from a number of influential sources. I see a lot of armchair quarterbacking. Apparently the protesters at Malheur are not the ‘chosen ones.’

– There is a lot of negativity coming from what appear to be militia groups in the area. We have already covered a lot about these groups and their made up rank structures – why are they suddenly the authority? Some of the statements made are laughable, for example citing the need for the Governor to activate them to actually do anything. Does the Governor actually recognize these militias? What is this fantasy? What gives them the authority to say the Malheur protesters have no business protesting?

– This smug groupthink from the Patriot community seems to be led by fear of the left’s reaction. Apparently this is not the time to protest tyrannical actions by Leviathan, because the left might be upset? Really? When is the left ever not going to be upset by the actions of the forces of freedom? In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Patriot community seems to be mentally bound up in the paradigm that the left has created, and is unable to think outside of the box created for it.

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  1. Amen to both what Brock said along with Max Velocity comments. We need to do some deep self-examination to understand just how brainwashed we are, or at a minimum "conditioned" to not respond to this internal attack our country, i.e., We the Peasants. This is most grotesquely played out in our degraded Military as well as in our cities that continue to be war zones. If you want to protest your Govt., which is your God-given right, you are labeled an Enemy of the State. Well, so be it. Count me in that group gladly.

    1. Count me in that group gladly.

      United, we need to stand.

  2. Yes, indeeed.
    It does my mind good
    to learn its not alone
    in the sphere of sound
    critical thinking skills, rational
    thought, opinion, and integrity.
    Moreover, I am especially overjoyed
    whenever someone who is recognized as
    a leader with integrity knowingly steps
    into the path of a heat round.

    1. I'm not sure whether you are being facetious or not. :)

    2. No, I was not being
      I was expressing in my
      weirdly worded style
      respect for true leadership
      In this instance, MVT going against
      the slings and arrows of outrageous
      Foremost, the willingness to
      lead out front, regardless
      of the suffering that goes along
      with it, which at a minimum is
      best that actual leaders can expect.
      This is a truth I'm certain
      that you already know without my

    3. I had hoped as much. Thanks.

      "Well, Govan, if we must die, let us die like men."
      Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne

      & the General did, after having two horses shot out from under him, then charging on foot until killed by a ball to the heart.

  3. I have been saying for quite some time (not that my one small voice matters a whit) that: 1) who says 'what is' and 'what is not'? and 2) if the 'community' is so loosely formed that there is back biting, second guessing, an inability to formulate a coherent message to the outside world much less control the narrative who exactly can direct a movement in a positive direction? Seems to me that the 'left' (or Team Fed or whatever the power structure is being called these days has a 'not brainer' of a task to divide and conquer. Read that as 'we're screwed' from the get go ..............

    1. has a 'not brainer' of a task to divide and conquer.

      Which we do for them,

  4. I wonder if the patriots at Lexington and Concord waited for the "right time" to start the revolution so as not to offend the British.