Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CONFUSED HILLARY Can’t Explain The Difference Between Democrats and Socialists

Via Billy

Maybe there’s a reason for this? Maybe it’s because technically there is no difference between Democrats and Socialists anymore?

The Right Scoop reports:


  1. Progressives are socialists. Communists are Progressives/socialists with tanks.

  2. That look on Hillary's face over at "The Gateway Pundit".....

    It looks like she drank a whole bottle of 'Syrup of Black Draught', and it just hit her.


    Central Alabamaian

  3. The interesting part here is that either "tingles" didn't get that question approved ahead of time, or that Hills and her advisers really believed that her response was a good one and they rehearsed giving it ahead of time. This shows either a disaffection in the media for Hills, or more evidence how out of touch she is and how she believes it really doesn't matter what she says on anything. As long as she is saying fluffy nice things, she will get 50.5% of the vote in November.

    I lean more for the second. It looks obvious that "Tingles" couldn't be more deferential to her if he were wearing matching pants suits.

    1. she will get 50.5% of the vote in November.

      Hope she goes on believing that and does run against Trump who should eat her alive.