Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Did the FBI plant gun on LaVoy? (Not confirmed)

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  1. We knew he was shot more times than the FBI claimed. He was set up to be the "example" to the rest of us to shut up and sit down. R.I.P Patriot, your sacrifice will not have been in vain.....count on it.

    1. your sacrifice will not have been in vain

      I pray.

  2. Shooting him in the face - that sounds very intentional so that there likely would be a closed casket. I have had to wait a few hours to calm down, but it isn't working. If it were my father who was assassinated like this, it would be open casket. Keep the kids away.

  3. If they the LEOs lied about how many times LaVoy was shot, then why should we believe that he had a gun on him? I believe they planted the evidence on him in the attempt to justify his assassination. I'd like to know, who gave the order to murder LaVoy?

    I have to disagree with both you and Sioux. I'd make it an open casket. I'd want the children and the whole damn world to see how the LEOs here in the FUSA operate. I'd make them own it. Recall how public opinion was influenced during the Viet Nam war by that naked little girl running away from a napalm strike? Or that VC guy taking a bullet to the head? Let it be known that if they will do this to LaVoy, the WILL do it to you. Let the kids know that Mr Police Officer is NOT your friend, NOBODY in a Fed uniform is your friend, they will murder your mommy and daddy, if they so choose do so.

    1. I'd want the children and the whole damn world to see how the LEOs here in the FUSA operate.

      Good point and here is information on the two occurrences that you mention. Not all are familiar. Thanks.

      #8 Myth: Kim Phuc, the little nine year old Vietnamese girl running naked from the napalm strike near Trang Bang on 8 June 1972.....shown a million times on American television....was burned by Americans bombing Trang Bang. Fact: No American had involvement in this incident near Trang Bang that burned Phan Thi Kim Phuc. The planes doing the bombing near the village were VNAF (Vietnam Air Force) and were being flown by Vietnamese pilots in support of South Vietnamese troops on the ground. The Vietnamese pilot who dropped the napalm in
      error is currently living in the United States . Even the AP photographer, Nick Ut, who took the picture, was Vietnamese. The incident in the photo took place on the second day of a three day battle between the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) who occupied the village of Trang Bang and the ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam ) who were trying to force the NVA out of the village. Recent reports in the news media that an American commander ordered the air strike that burned Kim Phuc are incorrect. There were no Americans involved in any capacity. "We (Americans) had nothing to do with controlling VNAF," according to Lieutenant General (Ret) James F. Hollingsworth, the Commanding
      General of TRAC at that time. Also, it has been incorrectly reported that two of Kim Phuc's brothers were killed in this incident. Theywere Kim's cousins

      Kim Phuc: I wished I died in that attack with my cousin & with my south Vietnamese soldiers.


      Saigon Police Chief Executes VC Officer TET "68

      Why General Loan Executed The VC

      Saigon Cholon Fighting (Short One)
      http://namsouth.com/viewtopic.php?t=1989 highlight=loan

      An Unlikely Weapon
      Eddie Adams, who took the original photo, apologized in person to General Loan and his family for the damage it did to his reputation. When Loan died of cancer in Virginia, Adams praised him:

      "The guy was a hero. America should be crying. I just hate to see him go this way, without people knowing anything about him."

  4. What was the manufacturer of the gun?

  5. May he repose in peace.
    History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes.
    Malheur= Harper’s Ferry?
    Finicum= John Brown?
    “I believe this nation’s sins can only be purged with blood.”

    1. Finicum= John Brown?

      Please do not innsult Finicum. He was not a baby/civilian killer.

    2. scholarupthehollerFebruary 3, 2016 at 8:15 AM

      No but he can certainly be the match to the tinder and a rallying cry for all who see the fundamental wrongs this nation endures.
      "...but his soul goes marching on!"

    3. the match to the tinder and a rallying cry for all who see the fundamental wrongs this nation endures.

      Let us hope so.