Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On fighting against a crowd.


Recently, a friend told me that pulling on pistol to fend off a gang of rapists — such as those in Cologne, Germany — would have lead to a stampede endangering multitudes.
  • Defensive ammunition is unlikely to penetrate more than two bodies, and the attackers were stacked a lot more deeply than that.
  • Fired from retention, a handgun is difficult to take away. The key here is to avoid complete encirclement at the start.
  • Deep magazines and sufficient reloads are essential. A 5-shot revolver might not be enough, but a 17-shot autoloader would almost certainly be sufficient to create a bulwark of incapacitated attackers.
  • While sufficiently large crowd could swamp the lone defender, it’s unlikely that recreational rapists would be so motivated. In a dense crowd, they have no way of knowing how many defenders are firing on them or how much ammunition is available.
  • While a stampede could injure the members of such a crowd, they are unlikely to be innocentbystanders. 
  • More @ Oleg Volk


  1. If I am fighting against a crowd, I want that girl standing nearby. Everyone will be watching her and no one will care what I am doing.

  2. Make sure you are carrying extra mags if you are going to be near crowds. A backup guy would be good, too

  3. "recreational rapist" a common entry under hobbies and interests on resumes in a liberal utopia.