Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How would you do in supermax?

Via Michael via WRSA


Your grit score is: 4.13. You are grittier than at least 80% of the US population.


Let’s hope none of us ever have to find out. But it appears the keys to surviving solitary confinement with your sanity intact are “grit” and an ability to direct your imagination.

Here’s the official grit self-assessment. So where do you rate?

Me? Well, directed imagination, I’ve got. Comes with the writer territory. Grit … not so much. I think, though, that when people take the grit test they’re tending to do the “90 percent of everybody is above average” variety of evaluation. Sitting at our computers it’s easy to say, “Yeah, sure, I never let setbacks discourage me. And I always finish what I start. And diligent, oh yeah, you betcha I’m the diligentest!” I told the truth about my failings and came out pretty much gritless. :-)

Reality is the only real grit test, of course. And in a pinch, I think sheer pig-stubbornness might suffice.


  1. Your grit score is: 3.75
    You are grittier than at least 70% of the US population.

  2. 4.5 .....people who know me tell me "nothing appears to faze you".

    My Cherokee-Indian blood, I guess. My daddy and his daddy were both the same way.

    Central Alabamaian