Friday, February 5, 2016

March of Cambreadth

Via Stephen "Today they are going to lay LaVoy Finicum to rest and I didn't like how that played out at all. Sometimes I like a good tune to remember, reflect or train to. In remembering the situation that has gotten a rancher murdered and something to pass on for others looking for that special sound I pass this. Found it through links following back to WRSA."


  1. The song was written for S.C.A. events. The "former woman" who wrote and preformed it is a radical lesbian who had a sex change just before making this recording. Just thought you'd like to know---Ray

    1. The tune or the words?

      I am surprised that no one is crediting the artist. This was done by Alexander James Adams, then performing as Heather Alexander with the band Phoenix on the album Keepers of the Flame. It is one of my favorites.

  2. Both. A.J.Adams IS Heather's name after the change over from SHE to HE. Its the same person after being reverse bruce jennered. She had a sex and name change. "Heather" was a fixture around S.C.A. (society for creative anacranisem) (spell?) events for years. "She/he" put out several albums. She/he still preforms at the big national events as AJ Adams . Or did last time I looked which is admittedly some years ago.--Ray

  3. Hi Brock,
    "Who Cares??" about the "Sex Change" stuff?? As the song and vid go the words and music say a lot!! The music fits the moment....
    LaVoy is Dead, his body not yet cold in his Grave...... The Spirit of his death lives not to be forsaken...
    No One knows what tomorrow will bring......
    We can only Guess??......
    But I will say.....the writing is on the wall...and it won't be long.

    "Use your Shield and use your head.
    Fight till everyone is dead!
    Raise the Flag up to the sky,
    "How many of them can we make die!"

    Every day that passes makes me think......
    that maybe, I might not have enough ammunition???

    Thank you "Rudyard...."



    1. Reminds me of the final inside act on each graduation day in military school as we sang Recessional. June in the auditorium, hot/humid with our wool pants sticking to our legs, breathing the odor of hardwood floors which had been polished over generations.

  4. It's a good war song,especially with the bagpipes. I like it.

    1. especially with the bagpipes

      I thought the same.:)