Friday, February 5, 2016

Mizzou Braces for Massive Enrollment Drop Following Race Protests

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protest mizzou

Looks different from my campus for some reason..........................

In November angry race protesters at the University of Missouri in Columbia forced the campus president and chancellor to resign.

The protests already cost the university a top national football recruit. Sci Martin from Louisiana said the campus “was out of control.”


  1. When you let the animals out of their cages at the zoo, you shouldn't expect the gate receipts to stay up.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. Mizzou clearly brought this on themselves. They should have expelled radical troublemakers instead of capitulating to their infantile demands. One reaps what they have sowed, I suggest that the state relocate and build a new university. Be more careful in your recruiting. Admit only students who have come to learn and only offer progams that can get a graduate a job. Forfeit MIZZOU to the hoards.

    1. They should have expelled radical troublemakers instead of capitulating to their infantile demands.


  3. NAPAs want safe spaces? Well, they got it. That's why we had segregation. Pearls before swine.

  4. End the government student loan program and Pell grants...most campuses will be half their current size and the students will be a bit more serious. It won't rid us of the Bill Ayers rich kid segment of society but they also won't have the low IQ and quota crowd to stir up.

  5. College is pushed on all kids regardless of merit for two reasons. 1. The debtor is slave to the lender. Especially if its in useless subjects which have no validity in a future occupation.

    2. Its creating more of the managerial class. Those elitists who are indoctrinated in the progressive ideals that the dirty jobs people are simple peasants that need the nanny state to survive,when its the opposite that's true.

    These are the people that are easily convinced by propaganda. The demonization of ranchers, farmers, oil companies, fracking is killing the planet. They are the enablers. The younger gen-set believes and wants a govt big enough to give them everything. But conviently overlook that gvt is big enough to take everything they have.