Wednesday, February 10, 2016

VIDEO: 75-Year-Old German Woman Describes Daily Harassment, Abuse by Muslim Migrants

Via David

This elderly woman describes the daily terror she faces from Muslim migrants. At first she welcomed them, bringing them sweets, candies, and clothes. But the daily harassment is relentless. She cannot take the subway without being threatened. On the train, she is taunted with pornographic images on migrants’ ipads. She rails against Merkel and the political elite in their glass houses and limousines, completely out of touch with the reality of the new Germany.

This old woman predicts war. She says she lived through the last one (WWII) and it was horrible, but the German people are left with no other choice.


  1. Where are all the 'men'?

    You do not harass elderly people around where I live, unless you want a serious attitude adjustment. Not only will the men jump you, the ladies will too, and with something to make holes in you, if need be.

    You. Just. Don't. Do. It.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. The ethnic German men are threatened with legal action (hate crime legislation etc.), they may loose their jobs if they "do" something, they are mocked by the leftist elites. They are in a very serious no-win-situation. Thus they would do nothing.

    2. The government is opening the doors for the return of a Fuhrer.


    1. Thanks.

  3. An imbalance of civilized people versus savages. This
    will never work. An elderly woman spoke to a crowd in
    Calais about the horrendous conditions there. Her son
    was murdered by these savages. The police are paid to
    protect the indigenous people not invaders. The people
    pay for the police not invaders. Something evil is brewing.