Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Renaming Calhoun College

 calhoun college

I’ve recently received information that Yale University may be about to rename what is possibly the most picturesque of the twelve colleges that house its undergraduate population. Calhoun College, which flanks stately Elm Street in the now badly run-down city of New Haven, is for me a scene of youthful memory. As a graduate student in the mid-1960s, I would cut across the Calhoun yard, which was enclosed by Tudor Gothic buildings, on the way to the Sterling Library. There I labored on my dissertation and could see the college as I entered and left the building. Although constructed as recently as the 1930s, Calhoun emitted an old-world architectural aura. What gave it additional charm for me was its name. It bore the name of the venerable South Carolina senator, who as late as October 2000 was declared in a senate resolution one of America’s seven greatest senators.

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