Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Republicans Could F@*K-Up A ___ Dream!

Via David


 Pardon my French and fill-in the blank however you like but I was watching a news channel this morning that was discussing the 'rules' for a brokered convention!

Brokered Convention?

As I stood over my coffee discussing the increasing potential for the publics choice (not my choice) to be denied the Republican nomination by a bunch of out-of-touch career politicians in Washington whose main goal seems to be holding onto power and maintaining the status quo my thought was this...

The Democrats are going to nominate either...


  1. If a ___ dream was the only thing the GOP would f@*k up, they would have more respect.

  2. "Brokered Convention?"

    An un-mapped minefield, if ever there was one.

    Central Alabamaian