Sunday, April 10, 2016

By the Numbers=> Donald Trump’s Victory in New York Will Be Beginning of the End for Ted Cruz

Via Billy

Delegate Count 4-10

Trump Leads in Wins, Delegates and Popular Vote

According to Real Clear Politics,as of April 10 in the Republican Presidential race, Donald Trump is way ahead of Senator Cruz in wins, delegates and the popular vote.

Trump currently has twice as many wins as Cruz, and nearly one and half times as many delegates and popular votes as Cruz.  What is really telling is the difference in primary wins. 

Primaries are where every vote is counted and thus appear more democratic than caucuses where all sorts of irregularities can take place.  Trump has 17 primary wins to Cruz’s 4.


  1. What continues to anger me to no end is, is that another ineligible candidate is running yet again...And that just like Barack Hussein,Cruz refuses to release or unseal his and his mothers birth records. He's bloody ineligible and is attempting to steal this election from those who are.
    Jersey is the only one thus far who is requiring him to show proof he's eligible...We cannot afford another ineligible President..
    However, this isn't about Trump nor Cruz and all about who the Establishment and RNC want to nominate. Cruz and Kasich are nothing more than tools for Reince Priebus to get his brokered Convention...