Thursday, April 28, 2016

Searching for Harriet Tubman

The recent decision to replace Andrew Jackson’s likeness on the US twenty-dollar bill with that of Harriet Tubman has generated much discussion regarding her background and true place in American history. Hard evidence of her life and contributions to American history has been elusive and the question has been posed: is this paying homage to a deserving historic figure, or, it this an act of pure political correctness – or what is called cultural Marxism? Only a small amount of open-minded reading and research is required to determine who she was, what she did, and what impact her life and actions had on American history.

There seems to be little to recommend her for a place on US currency amid several who adorn our bills and somehow linked to the financial history of the country. Washington was of course the first president; Hamilton, a proponent of a national banking; Jackson, an opponent of a national bank; Lincoln created national fiat money, the greenback; and Grant was embroiled in schemes of government and corporate financial scandals.

Leader of the Underground Railroad

More @ Circa 1865


  1. Hi Brock,
    "Picture if you will...." the Brits are just south of Chalmette and Andy and the men "Get wind" of what is up!! In the Movie "The Buccaneer" with Charlton Heston as "Andy" and "Yule Brenner" as the Pirate Jean Layfette during the movie when confronted with the eminent Brit Invasion (Remember this is the movie!!!!) someone says to Andy would he consider "Surrender" (to the British) Andy replies,"Before I surrender this city to the British, I will burn it to the Ground!!!!!!"
    Jean Lafette lends his men to the fight and lo and the movie!!
    Andy is the Hero and although the movie shows lafette losing Gov. Claiborne's daughter in reality as Tom Bosley would say,"That's Hollywood!!"
    Go to New Orleans and take the River boat from the foot of Canal St. to the site of the "Battle of New Orleans" and get the real "Low Down!!"
    Yup the "Canal" that Andy lined up the men on is still there!! BTW Gov. Claiborne had a daughter ......bur I think she was only 3 years old at the time....and Jean Layfette was not a "Muzlum!!!!!"
    Got Gunz......OUTLAW!!!!,
    PPS There was never a "Slave" brought to the shores of the at that time "United States Of America" by a "Confederate States Of America" Flagged Ship!!! So...The "NORTH" was Complicit in the whole operation!!

    1. Go to New Orleans and take the River boat from the foot of Canal St. to the site of the "Battle of New Orleans" and get the real "Low Down!!"

      Dixie and I and had that stop on our way back but she got lost in lost in CA, maybe next time! :)


      The "NORTH" was Complicit in the whole operation.

      Every slave ship came from New England, an unpleasant truth for liberals/commies.

  2. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned but I think our money should have dead presidents and founding fathers on it.

  3. It is sickening. I hope the first thing Trump does is put Jackson back.

    1. That would work and put General Lee on the back for starters.:)