Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GA city demands homeowner remove Confederate display from yard

Via Terry


Lafayette’s Kevin Smith spent three years building a Civil War display in the front yard of his North Georgia home, a homage complete with life-sized mannequins set up to depict different battles fought locally.

It’s history and it’s heritage and it’s not hate,” Smith told WRCB. “A presentation. Because I’ve tried to put the display around town so our tourists can see the history and draw tourism down here.”

But the city’s Housing Authority served Smith with a notice Thursday that contends officials received complaints and requests that Smith call the office.

“I have had complaints about the mannequins and Confederate flag. Sorry but they have to go,” the notice read.

It did not detail who made the alleged complaints or cite any specific safety or code violations.
Regardless, Smith said he doesn’t plan on removing the display he’s worked so hard to perfect.


  1. I was going to post
    this link on an appropriate
    posting, but better yet
    it is already here.
    I truly wonder how this
    will play out.
    Moreover, when push comes to shove,
    I wonder if support in his AO will
    (or not) rally to help defend his cause.
    And if not, how will they excuse.
    Much in the same way that the usual
    fire breathing, chest thumping, keyboard
    commandos did when they changed
    the name of LaVoy Finicum to LaVoy who?

    1. Housing Authority sounds like subsidized housing and if so they can be very strict. Gladys, who cleans my Dixieland, lives in one and they are very stringent with all.

  2. Private property so they can stick it where the sun don't
    shine. It's bad enough THE FLAG has been forcefully removed
    from public lands but private property is another
    matter. Long Live the South
    Remember DIXIE
    May the FLAG Forever Wave

  3. If First Amendment protects the burning of out flag, it should also protect this. My patience are wearing very thin. It is often said there are only two ways to fix an evil government. The ballet box has not worked....looks like we will be forced to use the second one.

    1. That's the last of four, but I get the idea. :)

  4. Let's face it govenment corruption is merely today considered a "watered down" White-collar crime and must be considered all-pervasive. We might even consider that attempts to be delicate about it were probably present at the time of secession. Maybe even a good reason for "the conspiracy of silence" of Abe Lincoln's Republicans and Abolitionist "coalition" (much like the "minority coalition" of today). I try to think of them like a conglomerate "political mafia". Seriously guys I think this has always been that "unspeakable truth" about our Democracy. How to deal with these (get ready for it...) COUNTER-revolutionaries. And purge THEM from government and prevent them even from running for public office. Face it that's the reason for The Confederacy. This "show down" has to end with these counter-revolutionaries exposed and "cast out" of government. Their only interests at the end of the day are "job security", and financial security. Civil Rights was only about Blacks "cozying up" to unsuspecting "sympathy voters" and extorting credentials, financial information, and hopefully a permanent siphon on economic resources.

    1. I think this has always been that "unspeakable truth" about our Democracy.

      The problem is that we were founded as a Republic and the evolution to a Democracy has been the root of all our ills. As Ben Franklin said “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

  5. Face it you're dealing with the local "political mafia". We've got to find a way to evict these counter-revolutionaries out of positions of authority. Unfortunately, 1860 say a "dead-lock" end in practically speaking "martial Law" (not Civil War since semantics won't allow for The Union to declare war on States whose sovereignty is not recognized). Obviously, this type of problem was one that Lincoln had no intention of addressing at the time. Unfortunately, the internal corruption of the governments at the time are probably lost but as we are seeing government corruption today is as elementary as any other "white collar crime". It may surprise you but I'm of the conviction that the only reason for the "hullabaloo" about The Confederacy is a "front" for some very frayed nerves about credibility and job security or financial security. That's the "gist" of Civil Rights, and Desegregation: PROXIMITY TO WHITE WALLETS. It would take some "undercover" investigating, but if you could find a "link" there I think you'd see the end of this insidious "persecution" over such an intimate part of American "bi-partisanship", "self-determination", and yes, in the end UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE. NEVER SURRENDER.

    1. We've got to find a way to evict these counter-revolutionaries out of positions of authority.

      Long overdue.