Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jefferson Davis: One of the most remarkable men in the annals of American history.


Rosemont Plantation, the childhood home of Jefferson Davis, is nes­tled in the gently rolling hills of southwest Mississippi. Carefully restored, the Davis family home is shaded by moss-hung oaks and catalpa trees, surrounded by lush vegetation and warmed by newly-greened memories of the past. It is the last place on earth one would expect to collide with one of those anti-Davis myths, born of Yankee fury and hatred, still restlessly and unaccountably alive.

In the company of two friends, I visited Rosemont on a May after­noon so adorned by a fresh breeze and an obliging blue sky that it could have been gift-wrapped.

We were welcomed at the door of the two-story wooden home into the early 19th century by a Rosemont guide, a cheerful woman in period costume. Well-trained for her role, she showed us through the house, distinguishing with nice attention to historical detail between those items of furniture that were Davis-owned and those that were period pieces of another origin.


  1. I think even after all it has gone through the South is awakening. Isn't there the Georgian Institute of Technology? I recall seeing some pretty good book on Quantum Physics from there. Texas also has I think a top notch school of Tech.

  2. I've noticed that there is no shortage of books, articles and quotes from the tyrant Lincoln. Even the grade school I attended was named after him with a quote by him engraved in stone. Yet, silence regarding Jefferson Davis. Nothing, except that he was the President of the CSA. Hitler and Stalin are quoted more often that what Davis is.

    I know that there was a ultimate reason as to why things ended the way that they did, but I am still of the opinion that the wrong side won "The Civil War". And, that the South should have been left alone to peaceably leave "the Union".

    1. the South should have been left alone to peaceably leave "the Union".

      Yes and even as late as 1864 if Booth had succeeded in capturing Lincoln and/or the ballots hadn't been stacked with soldier's votes, McClellan may have won and they would have separated. If...............