Monday, June 20, 2016


Via Jonathan

America is a third world country, it’s just not ready to accept that reality yet. Politically it is thoroughly corrupted, economically it is too deeply indebted to ever extricate itself, morally it is without direction, rudderless in dangerous seas and heading for the rocks.

The divides between the wealthy and the impoverished too wide to ever cross, the races and generations set against one another deliberately, provoked hourly by the very people who should be doing everything possible to unite them, armed to the teeth, seething with rage, neutered or enraged by pharmaceuticals, depending upon the age and gender, divided by sex, generations of fatherless children at every level raising up children who have no connection to anything that isn’t coming from a glowing screen- and all the while deliberately it seems, provoking hostility with every nation, every race, every people and persuasion in order to stir up a seething cauldron of slights and revenge for the coming reckoning.


  1. The statement above creates a pretty bleak future.
    Stick close to your family.

  2. When did all this breeding of hostility start, do you
    recall? I know fifteen yrs. ago life was pretty tranquil
    except for an occasional outburst but nothing like the
    Mad Max environment we are seeing today. I just can't figure
    out where the mental mutations came from and what they ate
    or drank or injected or breathed.

    1. I know fifteen yrs. ago life was pretty tranquil

      Of course 8 of those Obama and his world Marxist's cohorts were in control. After Vietnam the commies said they were going into the halls of ivy and we discounted them unfortunately.

  3. I have noticed that the USA was going third world 30 years ago.