Friday, June 10, 2016

Major Clinton donor given sensitive intel role: Colleagues baffled by lack of experience: 'We had no idea who he was'

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At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, ABC News' Brian Ross asks Rajiv Fernando about his 2011 appointment to the State Department's International Security Advisory Board. (Credit: ABC News)

A major donor to the Clinton Foundation and Democratic Party fundraiser who was named to the membership rolls of a sensitive government advisory board left even fellow board members puzzled, primarily because they couldn’t figure out why someone of his non-intelligence background would have been named to the panel in the first place, newly released emails from the State Department revealed.
 The reason staffers seemed so puzzled, in part, was that the appointee, Rajiv Fernando, apparently had absolutely no experience in the field of government intelligence, ABC News reported, citing emails that showed how Hillary Clinton’s cronies, when questioned about his appointment, sought to “protect the name” of their boss by “stall[ing]” the reporter who sought answers.

Two days after the press inquiry from ABC came, Fernando resigned from the board.

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