Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Trump Must Not Apologize

 Why Trump Must Not Apologize

“Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.”

Donald Trump has internalized the maxim Benjamin Jowett gave to his students at Balliol who would soon be running the empire.

And in rejecting demands that he apologize for his remarks about the La Raza judge presiding over the class-action suit against Trump University, the Donald is instinctively correct
Assume, as we must, that Trump believes what he said.

Why, then, should he apologize for speaking the truth, as he sees it?

To do so would be to submit to extortion, to recant, to confess to a sin he does not believe he committed. It would be to capitulate to pressure, to tell a lie to stop the beating, to grovel before the Inquisition of Political Correctness.

Trump is cheered today because he defies the commands of political correctness, and, to the astonishment of enemies and admirers alike, he gets away with it.


  1. When dealing with a liberal, never, never, never retract or apologize. Never. You can never appease a liberal. What we would see as a sign of decency, they see as a sign of weakness. They will never quit. They will be back again and again with every escalating demands.

    Here is my advice to Trump and every one else when dealing with liberals. Remember they really do hate you personally and every thing that you stand for.
    Never apologize, retract or explain. Never back down. Always mock them when possible.
    We are not in a literal shooting war with them yet. But, it is coming. War is coming.

    1. you can never appease a liberal. WThey will be back again and again with every escalating demands.